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State Disbursement Unit

Full Service Operations

We specialize in innovative project design, implementation and every aspect of project management in State Disbursement Unit operations.

With more than 20 years of experience Informatix has been a premier provider of child support case and financial management technology. Informatix has earned a reputation for its expertise – which translates into unparalleled customer service excellence, application development, program design and systems maintenance.

RAPID® - Payment Processing System

RAPID® is our proprietary payment processing application that reduces the time spent posting and researching payments. Using the latest technology RAPID® integrates hardware and image-based workflow software to provide a fast and accurate system for payment processing.


High speed mail opening and scanning equipment specifically designed for the challenges of receiving Child Support Payments.


Info-Trac is a complete Customer Relationship Management system and workflow software that can be used by customer service agents for tracking information.


Kids1st Workflow provides automated file management functionality in order to send, retrieve, and locate files across networks.


Disbursement is a set of applications and procedures for automating payments to custodial parents. It includes Disbursement Register, Check Printing, EPC cards, and EFT Transfers.

iDocStore - Customer Online Storage and Retrieval System

Informatix' full-featured iDocStore imaging and archiving system automatically captures, dynamically indexes, and archives documents and other media – all without changing your existing applications or operating environment. iDocStore provides web based access to images related to case, incident, payment, or any related topic available.

eCASES - Enterprise Child Support Enforcement Suite

We also provide a browser-based modular enterprise suite of Child Support Enforcement Tools in a scalable software package. eCASES™ is a highly-configurable flexible system designed to be deployed with only features and functions your organization needs.

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An Interactive Voice Response solution that allows our SDU clients to automate repetitive tasks. Our solution utilizes an IVR application that responds to tone or speech input from the caller to extract data case and payment information.




Efficiently and accurately processes child support payments with our Intelligent Remittance Recognition (IRR). This technology was custom designed for the Child Support Industry and addresses the specific challenges involved with processing child support payments.