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eCASES – Enterprise Child Support Enforcement Suite

eCASES™ is a browser-based modular enterprise suite of Child Support Enforcement Tools in a scalable software package. It is a highly-configurable and flexible system designed to be deployed with only the features and functions your organization needs.

  • Case Management – Proactive case management utilizes automated events and user alerts.
  • Collections and Distribution – Receipting of payments with complete audit trails.
  • Document Generation – Flexible document creation service; incorporates document generation in multiple formats.

CSE Document Imaging and Control

Developed to handle the massive volumes of case documents generated by the State of California legal, financial management, and tracking processes, iDocStore imaging and archiving system automatically captures, dynamically indexes, and archives documents and other media – all without changing your existing applications or operating environment. With iDocStore, images retain the exact content and 'look and feel' of the originals.

Tribal IV-D

Our experience of Title IV-D programs helps Tribes and Tribal Consortia to join the CSE community and provide services to families in need. We can facilitate the initial pre-application research and analysis steps needed to get ready to make a Start-Up Application, aid in the application writing process, assist in the assessment of Tribal readiness to meet IV-D requirements, and we can help manage during the Start-Up period.

Our company is the only large-scale provider of FIDM services and is currently providing FIDM processing to 33 States. We also makes interstate locate matching services to FIDM States, as requested.

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Our iDocStore software helps agencies move away from paper and into the far more efficient and productive digital storage of forms, correspondence, court orders, and all the other documentation that is the life-blood of CSE services.