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Data Match and Tax Match

Unpaid taxes greatly impact the funding of services the states provide to their citizens. Often, state revenue departments lack the staff or the technology resources necessary to locate debtors to assess or electronically issue liens.

Tax Match, a web-based application, matches names of delinquent taxpayers with their financial accounts, including banks and credit unions, and returns the match data to the states. Tax Match also provides an optional automatic issuing and distribution of lien notices to delinquent taxpayers and financial institutions.

Informatix’ Data Match Technologies provide solutions for 39 states nationwide. We receive input files from the state to process against financial institutions account data. Matches found during this process are sent to our state partners for processing and enforcement.

A comprehensive reporting suite is included in our services offering for states to help manage their data matching programs. Our solution is used by child support for FIDM, Department of Revenues for tax matching, and by health and human services for Medicaid Asset Location.”

Informatix currently operates a Tax Match program in California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine and Wisconsin.

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New Applications for Data Matching Technology

Informatix is exploring ways to apply its data matching technology to benefit other state agencies. Imagine applying a tool such as Informatix' FundFinder to the sharing of financial data between TANF, Child Support, Child Welfare, and state tax collection agencies. The possibilities are boundless.




Tax Matching requires financial institutions doing business within each state to conduct a quarterly data match to link delinquent taxpayers with their financial accounts. Our Tax Match technology has proven adept at making data matches swiftly and accurately, and is an invaluable component of Department of Revenue programs nationwide.