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Call Center Management

Full Service Operations

The Challenge for Agencies today……

The challenge to do more with less is a constant one for every business today. While budgets decrease, the demands for efficiency, confidentiality of customer data, and improved levels of customer care increases.

Expanded Options Using Today’s Technology

Informatix’ innovative call center solutions meet the challenge. We provide mission critical solutions that are secure, reliable and customer-centric. In concert with our philosophy of customer service excellence, your customers will experience:

  • enhanced satisfaction through interactions with trained and skilled customer service professionals
  • expanded self-service customer service options
  • streamlined workflow processes

Excellence in Service Delivery

We realize that often the only interaction an individual has with an agency or business is with a customer service representative. Customer Service Agents represent your agency or business; it is critical that this interaction be courteous, professional, and effective. Our experienced staff have the expertise to ensure that their services focus on client satisfaction and support.

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Interactive Voice Response


Our broad experience in analysis and design; installation, upgrades and maintenance with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems will guide you through planning and implementation while leveraging network technology that fits your environment and long range goals.


Making the Right Choice


Our experience working with state and local agencies translates into robust call center management and best practices that focus on delivering a solution that is scaled to meet your needs.

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