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System for altnformation Reference and Traceability

The System for Information Reference and Traceability (SIRT) was developed by Informatix to meet local, state, national and international standards of safety, legal and regulatory requirements for agricultural organizations. This web-based application was developed to provide automation and traceability for agricultural products, such as livestock used for the production of meat within a processing plant, by capturing the information necessary to ensure compliance with regulations stipulated by public health and safety government agencies.

SIRT System objectives include:

  • Traceability using software to obtain real-time data
  • Build an automated Safety Assurance System using first-class software and development practices
  • Achieve maximum safety with respect to the product offered by the plant
  • Promote innovation in the processing plant with the goal of animal welfare and product quality
  • Facilitate national and international competitiveness of food processing plants

SIRT is a comprehensive information system that improves management and workflow in the following areas:

  • Company Enterprise Objectives
  • Customer Resource Management
  • Vehicles
  • Human Resources
  • Work Shifts
  • Work and Processing Areas
  • Data Collection
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing and other Financials
  • Diseases and Diagnoses
  • Inspections
  • Product Type Management
  • Business Rules Management

SIRT system development and design is driven by industry experts. The SIRT computing platform is adaptive, scalable, highly available and provides support for mobile devices.

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