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Technology is constantly changing. Is your organization ready to take advantage of the technologies that have become a necessity in day-to day-business?.

At Informatix, we are your partner and we deliver solutions that are based on your needs, from targeted change to longer term business transformations. Big or small, private or public, we are here to provide you with the right solution.

eCASES - Child Support Enforcement

Browser-based modular enterprise suite of Child Support Enforcement Tools.

iDocStore - Document Imaging and Archiving System

A full-featured system to capture, dynamically index, and archive your files.

RAPID®- Remittance & Payment Processing

The RAPID® system's fast, accurate payment processing reduces human error, frees up resources, improves your customer service, and moves payments into your bank account sooner.

Software Development - Solutions Development

From a single programmer to a turnkey solution. Services are tailored to our customer's needs and can include all phases of the System Development Life Cycle.

Data Match - Data Match and Tax Match

Avoid incomplete, inaccurate, and tedious searches through multiple databases with our Data Matching solutions.

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Which solution is right for you? Customized or off-the-shelf? Do you need a single program or a fully automated system?

Informatix helps your organization recognize your full capabilities through innovative and cost-effective solutions.