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The latest technology integrates hardware and image-based workflow software to provide a fast and accurate system for payment processing.

  • Reduce manual processes
  • Increase accountability
  • Tighten system controls
  • Increase worker efficiency
  • Support flexible work distribution

EFT Payments

RAPID® brings EFT into the normal processing stream - so you can apply the same business rules you use for paper payments.

Image Archive

The RAPID® Image Archive includes a full audit trail that shows the "who," "what," and "when" for every action related to an image from its capture until it is purged.

Web Payments

The RAPID® Web Payment application allows your customers to make payments via the web from their bank accounts, is configurable to your needs and meets NACHA standards and formats.

Opex Interface

RAPID® integrates with the industry leader for mail-opening and image capture – the Opex 3690i. This single stage mail-opening and imaging hardware and software solution is the de facto standard for the highly complex remittance processing market.

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RAPID® features a parallel workflow that allows special tasks, like correspondence, to occur simultaneously with payment processing through an envelope-based workflow system. The RAPID® Workflow Manager keeps track of each envelope – from the moment the image is received via the scanning interface until it is transferred to the target system.