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In today’s information age, managing information is a necessity. Imaging, archiving, and end-to-end document management will quickly convert your paper documents to a digital format, providing you with immediate access—without changing your existing applications or operating environment.

  • Improve access to data
  • Support regulatory compliance efforts with digital workflows
  • Make a direct impact to improving your bottom line
  • Legacy/Back-file conversion
  • Turnkey Document Imaging Systems


iDocStore provides web-based search and retrieval capabilities. A sophisticated Index Server component manages the back-end repository as well as a user-friendly, browser-based search tool. Because of its multi-tiered architecture, iDocStore can manage small workgroups or be scaled to your entire enterprise.

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Paper to Digital Conversion

Provide your organization with a truly paperless environment.

Our solutions seamlessly combine electronic indexing and filing with digital imaging of new and existing files.

We can convert legacy documents and create fully indexed and searchable document archives.