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Data Matching and Asset Location

A suite of data matching products and services are available to our government customers to assist with Medicaid asset location. Our Asset Location Technologies collect asset information on accounts of Medicaid applicants from financial institutions and reports back to the state. Not only do states receive up-to-date asset information, but the information found during our data match process can also be used to detect Medicaid fraud.

Financial Institution Data Matching (FIDM)

Financial Institution Data Matching (FIDM) requires financial institutions conduct a quarterly data match for the names of parents delinquent in their child support obligations with their financial accounts. We are a leader of a 18-state FIDM Alliance.

Tax Match

Unpaid taxes greatly impact the funding of services the states provide to their citizens. Often, state revenue departments lack the staff or the technology resources necessary to locate debtors to assess or electronically issue liens. Informatix currently operates a Tax Match program in California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine and Wisconsin.

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New Applications for Data Matching Technology
Informatix is exploring ways to apply its data matching technology to benefit other state agencies. Imagine applying a tool such as Informatix' FundFinder to the sharing of financial data between TANF, Child Support, Child Welfare, and state tax collection agencies. The possibilities are boundless.