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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

IT applications play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of every organization and in the delivery of products and services to your customers. Despite the business criticality and associated financial consequences, most organizations do not maintain adequate testing resources to ensure proper functionality and performance. Informatix and the Ballard Group provide a complete spectrum of software application testing services to meet the needs of your organization.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance solutions include:

  • Testing and Quality Services (TQS)
    • Manage Testing and Quality Assurance efforts for complex applications
    • Provide support for the development of testing methodologies and procedures including: unit, integration, system, systems integration, user acceptance, load/performance, and regression testing
    • Provide a roadmap to integrate SOA testing into existing Quality Processes
  • Test Planning/Strategy and Execution
  • Automated Testing
  • SOA Test Transformation
  • Security Testing

Our experienced testing staff work with you to:

  • Implement immediate solutions to pressing problems.
  • Build quality and security into applications as early as the design phase.
  • Execute performance testing to ensure the application is scalable and secure, prior to deployment.
  • Perform effective production monitoring, alerting, and problem resolution after deployment.


Proven Methodologies


A key factor in our success is the use of industry standards and best practices that have been validated through many successful projects.

Our commitment to our customers pays off – in higher quality deliverables, smoother implementations, and happier customers.