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Hosted ECM Solutions

Client records are no longer limited to computer files and printed documents. Today we must also keep track of the information we email, fax, publish online, revise, collaborate on, compare, and present — as well as the related content that clients send us. Is your organization ready to increase your document-management efficiency?

Informatix provides complete, secure hosted solutions for all your document management needs. We provide everything you need to launch, monitor and manage mission-critical, high availability content solutions. Our services are capable of scaling quickly to support your needs and requirements.

  • Pickup of existing documents
  • Document Prep, scanning, and indexing
  • Full Text Search indexing
  • Document Storage and Shredding
  • Secure Internet-based web portal for document access
  • Robust searching and on-line document viewing
  • Protected by state of the art security, hardware, firewalls, and procedures
  • Provide significant amount of data storage
  • Include backups, redundant data centers, and monitoring

Because the infrastructure is already in place, you can be and running in a matter of hours instead of days, weeks or even months with a traditional solution.

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ECM Solutions


Converting your paper documents into intelligent, electronic documents can provide significant efficiencies for your organization. However, the resulting electronic document repository needs to be managed, supported and maintained. This can be time consuming and expensive for some organizations.

Informatix’ Software Hosting Services provides the perfect turn-key solution to this problem.